Experience the Natural Beauty of Pulau Mengkudu

One of the tourist destinations in Lampung that you must visit is Mengkudu Island. Located in Batu Balak Village, Rajabasa District, South Lampung Regency, this island presents stunning natural beauty. Visitors come from various circles, ranging from local and foreign tourists. They are so enthusiastic to enjoy the waves on the island’s coast.

View of Pulau Mengkudu/Youtube: Ahlunazar 96

Mengkudu Island has a uniqueness that attracts tourists because it is surrounded by noni trees. The clear sea water and friendly waves allow visitors to snorkel and play water on the shoreline. In addition, there is sand that can be found when the tide recedes. For those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of Mengkudu Island at night, you can stay by setting up a tent around the island.

Embossed sand on Mengkudu Island/youtube: Ahlunazar 96

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