The Uniqueness of Sari Ringgung Beach

Not only culinary but the city of Lampung is also known for having a beautiful natural panorama. One of them is Sari Ringgung Beach, located in Sidodadi, Teluk Pandan, Pesawaran, Lampung. This tourist attraction, which was opened to the public in 2014, holds many uniqueness. There are sand embossing tours and floating mosques that are still in the Sari Ringgung Beach area.

Sari Ringgung Beach (Instagram/Irvanfauzi)

The embossed sand is a sand dune that will be visible when the tide recedes. It takes about 15- 20 minutes by boat to reach this place. However, you need to pay attention to the visiting time. Because if the tide is high, the sand will not be visible. Still, in the same location, there is the Al- Aminah Mosque or better known as the floating mosque. This mosque was built using a cage system that can move with the waves and has the capacity to accommodate up to 200 people.

Pasir Timbul(YouTube/kQguwatalk)
Masjid Apung (Tribunlampung/Dennish)

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