Tracing History and Culture at Lampung Museum

Inaugurated in 1988, the State Museum of Lampung Province “Ruwa Jurai” better known as Lampung Museum holds many interesting stories. Starting from historical relics to the history of the journey of Lampung Province which is displayed through various paintings.

Visitors will be greeted by an iron ball weighing approximately 5 tons which in 1950 was used to clear land for transmigration. In addition, there are also various types of typical Lampung fabrics, one of which is tapis.

You can also see miniatures of Nuo Baling, a traditional Pepadun house, ancient human fossils found in Lampung, weaving tools, ceramic artworks from the Ming Dynasty, and many more. The museum is also equipped with facilities such as a library, auditorium, audio-visual room, laboratory, and modern interior design. Located in the center of Bandar Lampung, the Museum is only about 20 minutes away from Hotel Amalia.

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