All Things Gado – Gado Jakarta

Gado-gado is one of the most commonly found foods in the archipelago, even the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism has named gado-gado as the top 5 most popular foods in Indonesia. This popularity has caused each region to have different flavors of gado-gado. For example, Jakarta gado-gado and Surabaya gado-gado.

President of the Association of Culinary Professionals, Stefu Santoso said that the significant difference is in the peanut sauce, in Surabaya gado-gado the peanut sauce is mixed with coconut milk to create a savory taste. While in Jakarta, the peanut sauce is only mixed with shrimp paste, palm sugar, and tamarind water. The vegetables used are the same, such as lettuce, bean sprouts, string beans, cabbage, and cucumber. In addition, gado-gado is usually served with a sprinkling of fried onions and chips.

Jakarta gado-gado is often referred to as an archipelago salad because it contains various types of vegetables in one serving. Just like any other salad, Jakarta gado-gado is also safe to be consumed by those who are on a diet program. Nutritionally, you will get calcium, protein, iron, and phosphorus in one serving of Jakarta gado-gado.

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