Hotel’s Favorite Breakfast Menu

The ultimate hotel experience will be enhanced by tasting the food & beverage menu. One perfect moment for that is when enjoying breakfast. Every hotel provides a variety of menus that are served with a buffet system, so guests are free to choose according to their tastes. The buffet menu is divided into three categories depending on the type. Let’s see what the menu contains!

Breakfast at hotel. Sumber:

1. Continental Breakfast
The term continental refers to the European continent. The types of food and beverages usually provided are coffee, tea, juice, bread, pastries, waffles, muffins, and fruit. The continental menu does not serve foods made from animal proteins such as eggs, but some hotels are more flexible and still provide them.

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2. English Breakfast
Originally, this menu tradition was practiced by the nobility in England as an art form. The English breakfast menu is mostly “heavy” meals such as eggs, sausages, toast, bacon and mushrooms. In addition, beverages such as tea, coffee, milk, or warm chocolate are also provided as a complement.

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3. Indonesian Breakfast
This breakfast menu is very common in Indonesian hotels. One of them is fried rice, which is reprocessed with spices and ingredients such as eggs, meatballs, and even seafood that are perfect for filling your stomach in the morning. In addition, there is also chicken porridge as a light meal served warm.

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Those are some of the types of breakfast menus that are usually provided by hotels. By recognizing these differences, you can make menu choices according to your taste. Hotel Amalia always provides an unforgettable stay, one of which serves Indonesian food with a distinctive taste. Located in the center of Bandar Lampung, Hotel Amalia has a strategic location and can make it easier for you to visit interesting tourist attractions in Lampung.

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