Kiluan Bay, a Tourist Paradise in Lampung

Lampung has a lot of diverse tourism potential, ranging from natural charm, ethnic diversity, culture, and history. One that cannot be missed is Kiluan Bay. This attraction is often dubbed as a hidden paradise because of its stunning natural beauty and is highly popular among foreign tourists.

Teluk Kiluan

Kiluan Bay is famous for its dolphin attraction in the open sea, which numbers up to hundreds. It is known as the immigration route of two types of dolphins, the bottlenose (Tursiops Truncatus) and the long-nose (Stenella Longirostris). Tourists take boats into the ocean to get a closer look. The dry season is the best time to visit as the bright blue skies are favored by dolphins. This makes it more likely to witness the attraction. Other activities that must be enjoyed include snorkeling, walking around Kiluan Island, and enjoying the sunset while relaxing. The beautiful scenery will make tourists feel like never leaving Kiluan Bay.

Dolphins attraction

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