Maldives Tour in Tegal Mas Island

The Maldives, an archipelago located west of Sri Lanka, has become a tourist’s dream destination. The stretch of white sand and blue sea offer an unforgettable vacation experience. Indonesia also has a tourist destination that is no less beautiful than the Maldives, namely Tegal Mas Beach in Lampung Province. The island, which was once used as a research site for coral reefs and marine life, has been dubbed the Maldives of Indonesia. With a distance of about 1 hour from the city center of Bandar Lampung, this island presents a stunning beauty and panoramic view of the underwater world.

Tegal Mas Island: Instagram @juliyanto.thang

There are so many exciting activities that can be done such as snorkeling, diving, banana boat, canoeing, and water skiing. You will be presented with the beauty of diverse marine life. Not only that, there are also exotic lodging facilities with designs that resemble traditional Lombok houses. The soothing sound of the waves on the beach will make you never want to leave the island.

Hotel Amalia, located in the city center of Bandar Lampung, makes it easy for you to access tourist attractions by providing vehicle rental facilities. Let’s have a fun and exciting trip in Lampung with Hotel Amalia!

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