Lampung’s Legendary Culinary Recommendations

In addition to its natural beauty, Lampung is also known as an area that has culinary delights with distinctive flavors and uniqueness. Here are culinary recommendations that must be tasted when visiting Lampung, as quoted from the book “Menyeruit, Yuk! Kuliner Lampung” by Dian Anggraini.

1. Seruit

It contains fried or grilled fish, sambal terasi, tempoyak, and fresh vegetables served together in a large bowl. The type of fish used to make seruit is freshwater fish such as belida, gabus, patin, tilapia, or lais.

2. Gulai Taboh

Gulai Taboh is one of the menus that must be served at every traditional Lampung event. This savory coconut milk dish is served with tilapia fish that has been smoked overnight.

3. Tempoyak

Tempoyak is quality durian meat that has been fermented using salt. It has a similar taste to durian yogurt (sour and sweet) but a more pungent aroma.

4. Gabing

Gabing is a delicious young coconut trunk-based dish. The savory taste of coconut milk and spices combined with the sweetness of the young coconut trunk will make you can’t stop eating it. Gabin is also very suitable for spicy lovers because it is usually served with chili sauce or chili pieces.

5. Kopi Luwak

Lampung is one of the best coffee-producing provinces in Indonesia. People in Tanggamus cultivate robusta coffee, which is eaten by mongooses before being processed. These sweet coffee beans will become civet droppings and are then processed into ground coffee.

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